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Why the name "Peafur"?

Dave was going to call the company Rosebud but thought that it would lead to confusion.

How did David and Alan meet?

Alan was a punk poet and a Writers’ Guild award winning playwright. David slaved in the dark mills of advertising as an art director, collecting several awards, before escaping to gag writing. Both performed stand-up in London clubs and had a life long interest in animation.

They were forcibly introduced at a comedy club by former star of ‘They Think It’s All Over’ Lee Hurst, who said, “You’re both weird and obsessed with cartoons. Work together!”

Fearing concussion – they did – and were soon able to give up their day jobs to concentrate on cartoons full time.

How did David and Alan meet Barry, Swampy and Nic?

David knew Barry from his advertising days where they worked together for over five years on the dancing sunflowers campaign for Vitalite. Swampy knows Nic from many years working on series for Nickelodeon and Fox together. And David met Swampy through a friend of a friend; Nic! Alan knows no one.

Confused? The truth is everyone at Peafur are spiritual twins of different mothers, raised on a diet of far too much kiddies TV!

Why is your agent in LA?

Thanks to e-mail (and talent!) a good deal of our business is done with North America.

Besides, we like to drive our European clients crazy with the whole time zone thing.

Got any jobs going?

Writers? Artists? We’re always on the lookout for great talent and are happy to read, review and appraise anything – especially from writers with a keen visual sense and a penchant for laffs!

If you think Peafur and you are made for each other, please send samples of your work (along with a CV and stamps for their return) to Laura Blackburn at our Clapham address.

Please note; all materials are sent at your own risk, but will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Peafur accepts no responsibility however for materials other than those it has specifically requested.

Runners? If you’re young, eager and interested in getting your foot in the door of the curiously wobbly building that is animation, please get in touch. We’d love to exploit the living daylights out of you, pay you a pittance, make you walk the dog in the rain and mock your dress sense.

Seriously, if you’re motivated, organized and have a good sense of humour, please get in touch with Laura Blackburn.

We also take on high school students during their midterms and summer placements. You’ll only be paid in Kit-Kats, but it’s worth it just to hear David and Alan argue.

Do you accept unsolicited ideas for projects?

The simple answer is ‘yes’.
The not so simple answer is ‘no’.

Please get in touch with us first. We might be in the middle of a project about pigs when you send us ‘Pigs In A Blanket’; the show you’ve been lovingly crafting since reform school. The next thing you know, we’re writing you a letter saying, “Sorry but we’ve already got a pig project” – and then we get a letter from your lawyer saying we nicked your idea!

So get in touch first. Give us the pitch down the phone or through e-mail and if we’re interested, we’ll ask to see further materials.

Would Peafur ever do Live Action?

We have done before and probably will do again, but our hunch is that no matter what we write, it will always have ‘larger than life’ sensibilities.

We’re not the kind of people who would write My Dinner With Andre – and if we did, Andre’s head would explode in the final scene.

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