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Hot (as Hell) off the presses

Monday, July 16, 2001

The awards keep rolling in!

“IT’S THE MR. HELL SHOW!” recently won the Platinum Award (1st) for Best Comedy Series at the 2001 WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival ( ). The WorldFest-Houston is the 3rd oldest Film Festival in the United States. Mr. Hell joins a prestigious group of past Best Comedy Series winners including HBO’s “Sex in the City” 1999 and “The Tracey Ullman Show” 1998.
Monday, July 02, 2001

From Annecy to Death Valley!

Having just come back from the Annecy Animation Festival, the Peafur Productions gang are busy recovering from their Mr. Hell party, celebrating BBC2s announcement of a November air-date for 13X24 minute episodes of Aaagh! Its the Mr. Hell Show!. Over eight hours, the Red Z Bar was relieved of 75 Litres of Devils Punch and 200 pints of beer, culminating with their Prize Draw of Shame (courtesy of British Airways), for which party-goers had to submit their most evil-doing to High Priest, Alan Gilbey, in the Confession Booth. Andy Wyatt (of animation production company Fictitious Egg) was the undeniable winner of two tickets to Death Valley (courtesy of British Airways) for his childhood experimentation involving superglueing Action Man boots to a budgies frostbitten stumps. Andy, holding back the tears, had this to say, “I am deeply touched that I am considered to be the cruelest and wickedest example of what depths the human race can reach.” He’d like to thank “Terry Wogan” the dear, departed budgie, and Action Man for the kind donation of his boots.
Friday, June 15, 2001

Mr Hell has an air date!

Here at Peafur we’re asked a lot of questions. Is there life after death? Will there be a lasting peace in Northern Island? What exactly is The Gap that all those mediocre clothes are supposed to be filling? But mainly we’re asked – when is The Mr Hell Show coming to BBC2?
At last the BBC Schedulers have picked a specific launch date of “…sometime in November of this year, as part of a comedy block, in prime time.” When things get more specific, we’ll let you know. Until then – November 2001!
Wednesday, May 09, 2001

Canadians rate the Mr Hell Show!

Last Sunday’s relaunch/premiere of new episodes of The Mr Hell Show on the Comedy Network ensnared a massive 98,000 viewers – brilliant figures for a cable show in Canada!
The previous six episode run had pulled between 14 and 20 thousand, with a one off high of 40,000, so why the big leap?
It could be the networks heightened on screen
It could a word of mouth buzz that the show was good.
It could be a dedicated group of fans who launched an
email campaign to make their friends watch.
It could be all the people who had ever watched it
before, watched it together this time because they
were desperate for a hit.
Or maybe there was no hockey on. Whatever…
We’re not complaining!
Aaagh! It’s The Mr Hell Show – Sunday Nights 10pm on Comedy Network Canada.
The Mr Hell Show has now completed its initial (first six episodes) screening on the Canadian Comedy Channel, to rave reviews.
Toronto Sun ‘What the blazes is this? Aaagh! It’s The Mr Hell Show burns a place on the Comedy Network schedule with this sardonic, (satanic?) and funny as-all-heck animated series…”
The Toronto Star “Hotter than Hades. Mr Hell pushes all the right buttons. These are not the kind of subjects we should be laughing at, but we can’t help ourselves because the fast flowing skits are presented in a weird Monty Python-esque way.”
Globe Television “Mr Hell is different and worth your attention if you can tolerate scorching, nasty comedy. It’s funny. If you like your comedy bracing and bad tempered!”
In the UK, the Mr Hell Show gets it’s terrestrial premier this year on BBC2, and more devilish details can be found here.

Bad things come in small packages!

It’s official! ‘Bounty Hamster’ is now moving into production. Created with Graham Ralph of ‘First Snow Of Winter’ fame, the show is an ambitious mix of wild comedy, science fiction and domestic pets; Bounty Hamster will be scripted by some top British comedy writers. Some of them, survivors of The Mr Hell Show.
“We built up some great relationships writing as a team on Mr Hell” says Alan ” and we want those relationships to continue – but this time, pay them less.”
“Writing for children shouldn’t be the poor relation of writing for adults.” adds David, “Except financially.”

STOP PRESS – Will Smith to work for Peafur!

Will SmithWill Smith Yes, it’s true! Will Smith, the foppish posh boy of Channel Four’s ‘Eleven O’Clock Show’ will be one of the writers on Bounty Hamster. What do you mean – you thought we meant someone else?

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