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Peafur Productions has aided in the creation and development of animated projects for many major companies around the world, including Aardman, Channel Four, Cosgrove-Hall, The Disney Channel, Universal Pictures, Fox and the BBC.
Here’s what we’ve been up to recently.

Aaagh! It’s The Mr Hell Show!

The World’s first prime time animated sketch comedy series – a collage of crazed characters and fast paced parodies, hosted by the devil inside us all, Mr Hell.
Peafur created, designed, scripted, supervised and executive produced this entire series in just twelve months, but it’s still good!
A co-production with Sextant Entertainment for the BBC and CTV’s Comedy Channel, it begins screening on BBC2 this Spring.

Bounty Hamster

“In a galaxy of chaos
In a universe of fear
One man CAN make a difference.
One hamster though? We’re not so sure!”
Created by Alan and David with Graham Ralph of Silver Fox Films, the blue bundle of badness that is the Bounty Hamster is about to go into production. A co-production with Silver Fox Films for CITV, it is due to start screening in Spring 2002.
The premise of the show
True Grit – in space – with the John Wayne part played by a delusional hamster.
Cassie is a young teenage girl who has lost her father, but is determined to find him again. This is not going to be easy, however,
(a) She is also lost in a wild and lawless galaxy
(b) It is a very strange place indeed
(c) She has hired a hardened bounty hunter to help her in her quest
(d) He has turned out to be a hamster with an attitude problem!
A hamster with an attitude problem?
In most Westerns, the classic bounty hunter is a tall, tough, cool, calm and collected hombre with a steely stare and feral animal cunning. In this series he is a small, soft, horribly ill-mannered and slightly insane rodent with a terrible temper and a bite like a staple gun.
Imagine Joe Pesci in ‘Goodfellas’. Now imagine him as a foot high fluffy hamster with an eye patch. Well, that’s Marion the most unlikely bounty hunter you will ever meet!
Is this a western, a comedy show or science fiction?
AND a road movie and a buddy picture!
‘Bounty Hamster’ is an animated comedy-adventure series of 26X11 minute episodes, with strong story lines and even stronger humour.
At the heart of its well structured tales is a classic comic relationship, a double act that we will test through wildly inventive adventures; adventures that reject standard children’s formulas, both in content and genre.
When you’ve got a fur-lined temper-tantrum as your star, prepare to expect the unexpected!
This is not a spoof or a parody. It’s ‘Bounty Hamster’, it’s own unique mix.
Target age group
6-12 year olds – and their parents!
Fast moving
Visually innovative

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