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Peafur Productions began as a writing partnership between Alan and David – two animation fans with successful careers in other creative fields, who got together six years ago to realize a life-long dream of working in cartoons.
One is English, the other American, and their transatlantic sensibilities meant they were soon working for some of the biggest names in animation – in both Britain and in the States.
“We speak cartoon fluently,” says Alan.
“And I have these weird, white, three fingered hands” adds Dave.
Keen cartoonists themselves, their commitment to quality work resulted in scripts that have won many major awards.
It has also led them to assemble a team of equally talented collaborators, so that now Peafur can offer a wide range of services, supervising a show all the way from it’s conception to it’s early cancellation.
Er… that last bit was just to see if you were paying attention!

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